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In this website I will write guides and articles about programming, UNIX systems, mathematics and anything related.

You can find my open source projects on my private git server.


2023-07-08: Save Yamaha Reface DX Patches
2023-04-27: How I backup
2023-02-02: Neural networks from scratch
2023-01-11: Wireguard on OpenBSD + unbound
2022-10-24: A Regex Primer
2022-08-09: VPN, Wireguard and PiHole
2022-07-18: Discriminated Unions in TS
2022-04-30: Functional programming in JS
2022-01-28: kernel Hacking(3/3)
2022-01-06: kernel Hacking(2/3)
2021-12-28: kernel Hacking(1/3)
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