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2023-02-02: Neural networks from scratch
2023-01-11: Wireguard on OpenBSD + unbound
2022-10-24: A Regex Primer
2022-08-09: VPN, Wireguard and PiHole
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2022-03-30: Functors and Monads in Haskell
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2022-01-06: kernel Hacking(2/3)
2021-12-28: kernel Hacking(1/3)
2021-12-06: Install OpenBSD on DigitalOcean
2021-11-16: Smart pointers in C++
2021-08-25: Limits with Euler's number
2021-07-10: Install Arch Linux w/ LVM + LUKS
2021-07-01: Asymmetrical Cryptography
2020-06-16: TCP SYN Port Scanning(3/3)
2020-06-08: Raw Sockets(2/3)
2020-06-03: Introduction To Sockets(1/3)
2019-06-01: Embedded Linux with Buildroot
2019-01-29: Understanding FreeBSD Jails
2017-05-28: Resizing Partitions On FreeBSD