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About Me

Hi! My name is Marco Cetica, and I'm a 22 years old computer science student from Italy. I work primarily on the backend side using Typescript and Python. I'm also interested in machine learning and deep learning, I'm currently learning these two branches of AI using Scikit-learn and Tensorflow. Finally, I also know how to write C and C++ programs under UNIX based systems.

This blog is my personal space where I share guides about programming, computer science and technology in general. Some of the topics covered here are: system and backend programming, UNIX administration, theoretical computer science and mathematics. While I do not post very often, I do care to keep my blog updated; If you spot an error lying around somewhere(even a small typo), feel free to reach me out at email@marcocetica.com(gpg key).

Below you can find an overview of the technologies I work with and some of my pet projects.

Tech Stack

Programming Languages

Frameworks & Databases

DevOps / OSes



GISTBin is a RESTful API to share notes and snippets of code. This webapp is built using Typescript and the ExpressJS web framework.



Mint is a tree-walking interpreter written in modern C++(>=17) for a subset of the Javascript programming language. The Mint interpreter is built using a simple recursive descent parser.



VulcanOS is a x86 monolithic kernel written in C from scratch following the UNIX philosophy. This project is just a student learning tool to know more about operating systems, do not expect nothing more than a toy.